For those of you wishing to experience a little more adrenalin, your hosts are experienced Dive Instructors, Water Sports Enthusiasts, Motor Bike Riders, Paraglider Pilots, Rock Climbers, Mountaineers, Skydivers and Base Jumpers.









  • SCUBA DIVING: Discover the Great Barrier Reef diving, snorkelling, sailing or fishing. Be inspired by the amazing array of nature and wildlife and its glorious simplicity. Port Douglas is renowned to be the gateway to the pristine Great Barrier Reef.
  • WATER SPORTS: Wake boarding, water skiing, bumpa tube rides, kite surfing and jet ski hire are just a few of the activities to enjoy on beautiful Four Mile Beach.
  • GAME BOAT FISHING – SPEAR FISHING: Ever dreamt of catching big pelagic fish? Port Douglas has some of the best fishing and spear fishing in the world on offer!
  • MOTOR BIKE RIDING: There’s some fantastic on road and off road riding around the area. Experience the original “pack trail” through Black Mountain Road, Weatherby Station and Mt. Molloy.
  • PARAGLIDING – HANGGLIDING: 20 minutes south of the Sunrise Retreat is the spectacular Rex Lookout. Enjoy the views from the lofty heights of a Paraglider, Hangglider or take a ride in a Microlight.
  • ROCK CLIMBING: Come and enjoy the natural surrounds of the Forests and spectacular Gorges. Take your pick of climbing grades from mild to wild.
  • MOUNTAINEERING: The Douglas Shire has some awesome hikes on offer, from one day return trips to the more serious several day outings. Beginner to experienced.
  • MOUNTAINBIKING: Hike and mountain bike the famous ‘Bump Track’, a must do for all hikers and riders visiting the region and just around the corner from the Sunrise Retreat.
  • SKYDIVING: Exit the plane at 14,000 feet to the spectacular views of the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding islands, from beginner to expert.
  • BASE JUMPING: The surrounding mountains, Gorges and Waterfalls provide some of the best base exits around. Experienced Base Jumpers only.
  • ISLAND TOURS: Charter your own vessel and explore the many islands and coastal bays fringing the Great Barrier Reef.
  • HELICOPTER TOURS: Take to the skies for an amazing view of the Douglas Shire’s rainforests, coastlines and surrounding islands.
  • WHITE WATER RAFTING: The Barron, Johnston and Tully Rivers provide some of the best white water rafting that Australia has to offer. For all ages and experience levels.
  • We can assist you with the many options that you may want to experience when in Port Douglas once you arrive here.